MMS in, Premium SMS out


Mobile 365, a telecom company that works with operators to provide MMS (Multimedia Messaging Services) has announced some staggering numbers on U.S. MMS use. U.S. MMS traffic increased 40% from Q1, 2006 to Q2, 2006, with the total U.S. MMS Mobile Originated (MO) traffic for the second quarter hitting 52,071,114 MO messages. Since 2005, Mobile 365 has delivered more than 132,000,000 MMS messages in the U.S. The average month-over-month MMS growth for 2006 is 12%. MMS mobile content includes video, photos, audio, and rich text such as wallpaper, ringtones, games, and applications.

“Despite a slight historical downturn in overall messaging during the summer months, our June MMS traffic grew, indicating organic growth that shows that subscribers are continuing to use MMS messaging as part of their everyday lives,” said Greg Dunn, Vice President, Americas, Mobile 365.

In contrast, Valista, a commerce solutions company, recently published the results of a survey conducted at the Mobile Content Off-Deck conference held in New York City last week. Almost half of the industry insiders polled believe that in five years, the consumer’s bill will be the most widely used method for purchasing on and off-deck content. Only 6% of respondents predict that SMS shortcodes will be the primary payment option in 2011.

“The nature of mobile devices demands a simple, but secure payment method. People are more likely to make a purchase using their mobile device if the payment is a seamless part of their purchasing experience. Adding mobile purchases onto a user’s existing bill is the most convenient and transparent method for mobile transactions,” said Raomal Perera, CEO of Valista.