Vacations and BlackBerry Use


Steelcase, a global office environments manufacturer, released the results of a three-part Workplace Index Survey. Through a survey of nearly 700 office workers in the United States, the study revealed that only 61 percent of Americans use all of their allotted vacation time and almost half (43 percent) of the respondents spent at least some time working during their vacation, a number which has doubled in the past 10 years.

Of interest to BlackBerry Cool readers, 80 percent of those that worked on their last vacation said that they utilized technology to complete their work. The most used technology was a laptop computer (41 percent), with cellular phones (30 percent), PCs (10 percent) or and Blackberrys (7 percent) rounding out the rest of the list.

Only 7 percent? Numbers like this kind of deflate the stereotype of CrackBerry addiction. Come on, people, we have an image to maintain.