Dell sells Blackberrys (sic)?


DellWeird news from the world of Google today, folks. Australian IT is reporting that Hewlett-Packard, RIM and Palm are all up in arms over PC manufacturer Dell purchasing its competitors’ brands on Google AdWords. For those that don’t know, AdWords is Google’s advertising program, where companies spend money to have their ads appear based upon certain keywords. Dell has been accused of piggybacking its competitor’s brands in an effort to drive its own sales.

Dell’s portfolio of competitor brands includes “Palm”, “Treo”, “Tungsten” and “PalmOne”, as well as the almost-spelled-right “Blackberry.” RIM didn’t offer any comment in the article, but HP had this to say:

“We believe it’s a misleading tactic. If you’re promoting a product that you can’t supply you’re wasting the customers’ time and undermining the Google experience.”