Get Missile Alerts on your BlackBerry


This is particularly apt right now considering what’s going on in the Middle East. Cellact, an Israeli company which develops SMS based messaging alerts has started offering a service which will send warnings of incoming missile attacks, as well as other emergency alerts to BlackBerry and cell phone users. The service is being marketed at towns and factories in northern Israel – close to the Lebanese border.

Cellact VP sales and marketing Gal Biran said, “After the shelling started, Cellact made a decision to harness its technology for the benefit of residents and companies in the north. SMS use meets two requirements in the event of an emergency; timely warning and distribution, and high reliability even in the event of heavy web traffic or poor reception. The system also provides ongoing communications when people are indoors or in air raid shelters, and can be used to easily relay information such as the opening hours of specific bank branches, or any important announcement that the public will not be able to see on notice boards because they are confined to their homes.”

Let’s just hope no one has to use this service for long.