New RIM patents up


Research in MotionIt’s Monday morning and you know what that means, right? No, I’m not talking about sleeping in, I’m talking about new technology patents from RIM. Always eager to sniff out new patents, BBHub informs us that RIM has applied for two new patents for our beloved BlackBerry.

So what do we have to see? A few interesting additions to make BlackBerry use even easier. Patent #20060160537 is designed to allow your BlackBerry to detect all available wireless networks and give you a menu to choose between them (something great for BlackBerry road warriors tired of getting poor network reception when they’re not picking up their regular provider). Patent #20060161628 sounds even cooler, giving BlackBerrys ‘phone home’ functionality, so that you know where it is when you’ve lost it (or it’s ran away). Check out the patent abstracts after the jump.

Patent #20060160537:

“In one embodiment, a scheme is provided for network selection by a user equipment (UE) device that is operable to discover multiple PLMNs in a location area. Each discovered PLMN is identified and an indicium associated with the PLMN is presented to the user so that the user can select a particular PLMN.”

Patent # 20060161628:

“A system and method of locating a lost wireless communication device is provided. A remote server is contacted to indicate that the wireless communication device is lost. A lost device policy setting is then activated in a database coupled to the remote server, the lost device policy setting indicating that the wireless communication device is lost. In response to activation of the lost device policy setting, a remote location command is then transmitted from the remote server to the wireless communication device via a wireless network. The remote location command is subsequently received at the lost wireless communication device, which processes the remote location command such that a user of the wireless communication device can locate the device.”