Two new RIM patents up


A few weeks ago during one of BlackBerry Cool’s world famous Weekend Contests, loyal reader Stac mentioned something interesting. When asked if he wanted RIM working on a camera for his BlackBerry, he countered by saying he would rather have RIM work on improving the functionality of features they already provide. Two new patents up from RIM today show that they’re taking Stac’s advice.

RIM patent application #20060167676 concerns a “method and apparatus for corrections of spelling errors in text composition,” which certainly sounds like an embedded spell-checker. Patent application #20060167976 seems to deal with making email chains easier to read by compressing headers and such through the use of hot keys. Good stuff, RIM, two email-centric improvements. Check out the patent abstracts after the jump.

Patent #20060167676:

Method and apparatus for correction of spelling errors in text composition is provided. Correctly spelled words may be determined for an incorrectly spelled word in accordance with a common error approach. Corrections to the incorrectly word are applied using common typographical and spelling errors. Resulting words which are correctly spelled may be offered as replacements or automatically used to replace the incorrectly word. Corrections may be applied in response to a frequency of the error in text composition to generate correct words that are more likely to be the word intended to be composed. The specific order of application may be configurable to meet a user’s preference or a learned behavior for a user.

View PDF here.

Patent #20060167976:

A displayed string of emails is effectively compressed for improved readability by deleting some or all headers and/or by skipping the cursor from one message body to another in response to “hot” key actuation(s) by a user.

View PDF here.