(Another) New RIM Patent


RIM Broswer Patent

Well, if there was any doubt previously as to whether or not RIM is hard at work on new BlackBerrys, these flurry of patents prove it. So far we’ve seen patents for camera functionality, spellcheck and better email browsing, and now we have patent application #20060168349, which appears to be designed for faster web browsing through image compression and caching by a proxy server.

We’ve got more details and a link to a PDF filled with diagrams after the jump.

Patent #20060168349:

A system for enhancing network-browsing speed by setting a proxy server on a handheld device is disclosed. The system comprises a browser for sending a request for requesting a message from a website and receiving a response in response to the request, a proxy server for transcoding and compressing the request, and transcoding and decompressing the response including the requested message, a wireless network communicably linked to the proxy server, and Mobile Data Service (MDS) gateway communicably linked to the wireless network for transcoding and decompressing the request, and transcoding and compressing the response including the requested message from the website. MDS gateway further receives a redirect response including an address of the requested message and sends a redirect request for requesting the message from the address if there is no requested message at the website, the proxy server sends a notification to the browser with respect to the redirect occurred in the MDS gateway, the browser sends a request to the proxy server for requesting the requested message, and the proxy server sends the requested message to the browser. The redirect occurs between the proxy server and the browser within the handheld device, and does not happen wirelessly to enhance the network browsing speed.

Here’s a link to a PDF of lovely patent diagrams for you to peruse.