NOT Weekend Contest: “Do you need your BlackBerry?”

The BlackBerry Cool staff feels like we’ve let our readers down. Some of us go on vacation, others fly to the West Coast on business (as if there’s any business other than “BlackBerry Business”), and before you know it BlackBerry Cool looks like BlackBerry Lite in the posting department.

To make it up to you, we’re having a special Monday version of the Weekend Contest that we missed last Friday. It seems that a recent topic of conversation has been BlackBerry addiction (or BlackBerrys annoyance if you’re a certain Edmonton mayor). So our question to you is: do you really need your BlackBerry? When it comes down to it, does your favorite mobile device make your life better or worse? An even better question might be whether or not you could get rid of your BlackBerry now if you tried. Post a comment and let us know, and the winner will receive a $20 iTunes gift certificate AND 3 free Magmic games (to make up for our lethargy).

LAST WEEK’S WINNER was Stac. In probably our best Weekend Contest ever, when practically every comment was solid gold, Stac poignantly noted that instead of expanding their reach, RIM should maybe focus on improving what BlackBerry already does, like better web browsing and the like. Good stuff, Stac.

10 Responses to “NOT Weekend Contest: “Do you need your BlackBerry?””

  1. 1 zyphbear

    Personally, I do feel it has made my life better and the life of my Significant other. My Significant other is hearing impaired, being able to communicate is a NECESSITY, which previously was a real trial and error kind of deal on previous devices. We have tried regular cell phones, moved to a Sidekick2 for awhile, then stopped on the BlackBerry. We are staying here. It offers all the features we need (several forms of communications [SMS, PIM, E-mail, IM, etc), and even have been able to load TTY software so he can still make calls to loved ones that are not connected technology wise. And also being able to communicate between him and I offers many options that are much quicker than attempting to talk on the phone. We could not live without the great invention of a BlackBerry. We have found it simplifies all communication. Plus it syncs very easily with a mac via “PocketMac” so info isn’t lost.

  2. 2 Jeff Baker

    I think good/bad argument for the Blackberry is a lot like for Tivo - you can make convincing arguments that it helpful and convincing arguments it can be detrimental.

    Much like Tivo accelerates access to TV, I think my Blackberry accelerates my access to information. Do I need every company email the second it comes out? Probaby not, but on the occasion it is critical I have it immediately. And I can place and time shift my reading of blogs from at night on the computer to in the car at a stoplight. If someone has a question at lunch, I can pull up Google right there vs. waiting until we get back to the office.

    I could (probably) live without it, but why would I want to?

  3. 3 Stac

    I need my blackberry about as much as I need to wear underwear everyday, which is to say, I can take it or leave it ;)

    Seriously, though, there are days when I want to be closely in touch and others not so much. Thankfully, the blackberry profiles are good to all of us that way - I leave my profile set to ‘Phone Only’ when I don’t want to be disturbed by email and SMS making it an easy choice whether to interrupt what I’m doing for every communication that is sent my way. This is one of the great things that the blackberry affords us that the Windows Mobile people lack.

    On WM5 devices, the phone wakes up for every incoming communication - turning the backlight on and causing a distraction - while my blackberry remains dark and quiet - waiting for a touch of the wheel to bother me.

    Yet another reason to love your BB…

    Peace All,

  4. 4 Tamon Yanagimoto

    Question #1: Do you really need your BlackBerry?

    I’ve thought long and hard about this to be quite honest. As an avid BB user for the past 5 years it is hard to imagine NOT using the device. In the grand scheme of things I don’t need a BlackBerry, but I don’t know what I would do without it. My device keeps me up to date not with just email, but it my calendar, newsreading, task management epicenter when I am away. I’ve used many PDAs and none are as easy and efficient as the BlackBerry. I actually tried not using my BB for one week - cold turkey. My co-workers watched in disbelief and my wife with joy. After the week ended a co-worker presented me with certificate of achievement to say “I can’t believe you did it but great job!”.

    Questions #2: When it comes down to it, does your favorite mobile device make your life better or worse?

    Professionally I think