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Oodles of Rogers news


Rogers logoCanada’s biggest carrier, Rogers, is starting off its Monday in style with a bunch of news to tickle the fancy of BlackBerry Cool readers.

First up is news that Rogers will be offering HSDPA 3G network access for subscribers starting this fall (conveniently coming just after Rogers’ 5th anniversary of GSM network support). This would indicate that we’ll be seeing the BlackBerry 8707 or a newer, yet unnamed BlackBerry from Rogers right when our kids are doing their back to school thing (don’t be surprised if it ends up being both).

The second bit of Rogers news is their new data plan for BlackBerry users starting tomorrow, the details of which you can find after the jump.

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Balsillie to speak at RBC Conference


BalsillieRIM’s co-CEO and notorious straight shooter, Jim Balsillie, will deliver a keynote speech at the RBC North American Technology Conference on Wednesday, August 9, 2006 in San Francisco, California. The presentation will also be broadcast via a live webcast at 12:35 p.m. PST, which you’ll be able to find right here.

There’s no official word about the topic of Balsillie’s keynote, but our BlackBerry Cool spies have indicated that RIM’s main man will likely reveal more details about this fall’s coming BlackBerrys. Stay tuned.

Weekend Contest “Pick your favorite patent!”


Magmic Games

While the summer is notorious for being the dog-days of BlackBerry news, we’ve recently been getting the tell-tale signs from RIM that this fall will be an exciting time for CrackBerry addicts. What signs, you ask? Well the myriad of new patent applications, of course!

However, while we have received new hints at what future BlackBerrys will feature, many questions remain. Which, of the patents we have seen, will affect you as a BlackBerry user the most? Are you happy with RIM’s apparent focus on improving the functionality of core BlackBerry features, or do you want new features? Do you think that these patents are only a precursor to major announcements? Post a comment and let us know. The person with the best comment will receive 3 free Magmic games!

LAST WEEK’S WINNER was Craig E, who succinctly summarized what happens when his BlackBerry goes down: nothing.

China Mobile ramping up BlackBerry Promotion


China MobileIn “wow, I wish we had pictures of that” news, Pacific Epoch is reporting that China Mobile launched a nationwide road show yesterday to promote their upcoming BlackBerry service. I wonder if they had people dancing around in BlackBerry suits like at the Rogers event?

In related news, China Mobile has also announced that their Blackberry service will cost 398 Yuan a month for 50M of GPRS traffic or 598 Yuan for 400M of GPRS traffic.

First shot of new Treo?


New Vodafone Treo?

Hmmm… has published what they’re saying is the first “official” photo of that new Vodafone Treo that Palm announced a while back, but gave no firm details on (other than UMTS support and a WM5 OS). Color us skeptical. says that this screen shot (or mock up) is coming straight from Microsoft and that more “official” details will be released soon. We don’t know if this is accurate at all (it kind of looks like a mock up based upon that Black Tie Treo Engadget is always talking about), but we had to keep you up to date. Full-sized pic after the jump.

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Customs agents can now search your laptop; BlackBerrys too?


Customs Agents

Friendly bloggers Gizmodo are reporting that customs agents now have the power to inspect the data on your laptops. The decision was made based upon a circuit court ruling relating to this 2004 case:

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