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(Another) New RIM Patent


RIM Broswer Patent

Well, if there was any doubt previously as to whether or not RIM is hard at work on new BlackBerrys, these flurry of patents prove it. So far we’ve seen patents for camera functionality, spellcheck and better email browsing, and now we have patent application #20060168349, which appears to be designed for faster web browsing through image compression and caching by a proxy server.

We’ve got more details and a link to a PDF filled with diagrams after the jump.

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Lucent, Qualcomm pushing the boundaries of 3G


It\'s alive!Manx Telecom, a subsidiary of O2/Telefonica, with the assistance of Lucent Technologies and Qualcomm, is playing the role of mad scientist and conducting trials of 3G and HSDPA services in the 900Mhz GSM frequency band. The companies are attempting to leverage this lower frequency to extend UMTS voice and HSDPA data coverage and while evaluating the potential benefits of deploying UMTS at 900 MHz as compared to 2100 MHz.

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Nokia starts public UMA trial


NokiaNokia started public Unlicensed Mobile Access pilot over Wireless LAN in Oulu, Finland last week. Lasting two months, the trial will have fifty families from the city of Oulu testing the UMA functionality on brand new Nokia 6136 phones. The 6136 integrates UMA technology to allow for seamless handover of voice and data connections between GSM cellular and WLAN networks — essentially combining the benefits of mobile and fixed landline through voice over WLAN.

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Is RIM worth buying?


RIM stock chart

Market analysis website Seeking Alpha has an interesting article up on RIM’s stock price and whether it’s a reflection of their actual value. Because of RIM’s recent stock drop, it would seem to make sense that now would be a good time to buy in. However, Seeking Alpha contests that RIM’s share price might still be overvalued.

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Tengo offers superfast typing


This might be a little off topic for BlackBerry Cool, but it’s interesting to see something put even the best BlackBerry thumbs to shame. Blogger friends Gizmodo have a YouTube video up demoing a new free product called Tengo, which uses predictive text software to produce speeds of 70+ wpm using a stylus on any Pocket PC or smartphone with a touch screen.

Maybe RIM can take a cue from Tengo and improve their SureType software for 71xx BlackBerrys — sometimes the predictive text gets so annoying that we mostly just go the “double tap” route (leaving us with amazingly muscular thumbs).

New handsets creating increased customer support needs


Customer Support baby, yeah!As anyone who’s had to sit through a call with a customer service rep knows, sometimes it’s not fun when your BlackBerry decides to go bonkers (just ask these people). That’s why it’s a little disheartening to learn that a new J.D. Power report shows that the number of people who call customer support within a 12 month period has increased 12% since 2000. With 59 percent of wireless customers contacting their provider within a 12 month period, this the highest level since measurement began in 2000.

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