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Two new RIM patents up


A few weeks ago during one of BlackBerry Cool’s world famous Weekend Contests, loyal reader Stac mentioned something interesting. When asked if he wanted RIM working on a camera for his BlackBerry, he countered by saying he would rather have RIM work on improving the functionality of features they already provide. Two new patents up from RIM today show that they’re taking Stac’s advice.

RIM patent application #20060167676 concerns a “method and apparatus for corrections of spelling errors in text composition,” which certainly sounds like an embedded spell-checker. Patent application #20060167976 seems to deal with making email chains easier to read by compressing headers and such through the use of hot keys. Good stuff, RIM, two email-centric improvements. Check out the patent abstracts after the jump.

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New BlackBerry Webcast


Research in MotionIf there’s one thing RIM knows how to do, it’s webcasts for IT Admins. The summer has already seen a veritable cornucopia of webcasts, but RIM always has one more for you. Today, from 12pm – 1pm EST, Jason Kerner of the BlackBerry Solutions Group will be straight talkin’ (no jive) about the BES Resource Kit and how its tools can make your IT Admin’s life so much easier.

If you can’t catch it, you can always go here to find an archived copy.

Indonesia gets BlackBerry Connect


Sony Ericsson M600i

Indosat, Sony Ericsson and RIM jointly announced today the availability of BlackBerry Connect on Sony Ericsson’s latest M600i mobile phone in Indonesia. BlackBerry Connect provides Indonesian Indosat customers with “push” based email, BIS and BES support, such as email reconciliation and calendar synchronization.

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BlackBerry Game gets Industry Recognition


RV Pile-UP

It’s not too often we hear about BlackBerry games making waves in the industry, so this one’s a feel good story. REGARD, in partnership with Sony Pictures Entertainment, have announced that their “RV Pile-UP” free BlackBerry game will be recognized at the American Film Institute (AFI) Digital Content Festival in Los Angeles, CA, on July 26, 2006.

This event will showcase the best new digital and interactive content created for television (both cable and satellite), mobile devices, games and broadband technologies. RV Pile-UP is based around the recent Robin Williams movie, RV.

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Treo 700p at top of the charts


Palm Treo has placed their top-five chart of recent PDA/Smartphones from the September issue of PC World Magazine up online. Who’s number one? Palm’s Treo 700p.

Despite a steep price ($650 with a two-year contract from Sprint) and unimpressive battery performance, the 700p wowed us with its thoughtful design and lightning-fast speed. Like the Windows Mobile-based Treo 700w (number four on our chart), the 700p includes support for high-speed EvDO networks, which makes surfing the Web using its Blazer Web browser a real pleasure.

Where was BlackBerry on the chart? Well, actually, it didn’t make it, with the BlackBerry 8700g coming in at an “also-ran” number six. The full rankings can be found after the jump.

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Google Mobile update for BlackBerry


Google Maps is the best, double true!A loyal reader has tipped us of to the fact Google has updated their Google Mobile service for BlackBerrys and cell phone users. Through Google Maps, Google now gives users access to maps with real-time traffic data of more than 30 major U.S. cities. Users simply choose a location and select “show traffic” and Google depict road conditions in three colors: red for congested, yellow or orange for slowdowns, and green for smooth sailing. You know also have the ability to save your favorite locations and routes.

Just point your BlackBerry Browser to: and you’re all set.

Thanks to the always handsome Stacey for the tip!