BlackBerry 8700 replacement coming to Rogers (with trackball)?

Rogers logoOk, BlackBerry Cool fans: we’ve reached that stage in the year (the ‘frenzied rumor’ stage) where, on a daily basis, we’ll be hearing crazy speculation about new BlackBerry devices. Most of it can be dismissed ofhand as people not taking their sane pills in the morning. However, with so many “connected” people out there who want to be the next Boy Genius, the BlackBerry Cool staff can’t deny the value of some of these rumors. We’ll try our best to filter out the crap for you.

With that in mind, this rumor seems like a no-brainer. A BlackBerry Forums poster is claiming that Rogers will see two new BlackBerrys in late Q3, early Q4. One is the BlackBerry 8100, and the other will be an 8100-styled feature upgrade to the 8700. Surprisingly, the poster is claiming that both devices will include the trackball, and not our beloved scroll wheel.

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    Well this year we hav an option to choose the best again.

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