OS 4.2 Revealed! (kinda)


BlackBerry OS 4.2

We already know that with the 8100 comes a new version of RIM’s OS – ver 4.2. However, we don’t really know what features and improvements the new version will feature (other than obvious things like camera support). Until now.

BlackBerry Forums Super Moderator Jibi emailed us today to let us know that he had gotten his hands on OS 4.2’s COD files and sniffed around a bit. What did he find? Good news for enterprise BB users who are affraid they won’t be able to use the 8100: IT admins can disable the device’s camera through the BES.

OS 4.2 will also feature a file manager and a built-in security monitor with the ability to wipe your BlackBerry or take other actions on various triggers, such as data tampering.

To read the rest of what Jibi was able to uncover about OS 4.2, go here.