Enterprises banning BlackBerrys?


The Baltimore Sun is reporting something that at first seems impossible, but was actually inevitable: some businesses have taken to banning BlackBerrys and other mobile devices in board meetings and around the office due to the constant distraction these “always on” devices can provide. One company in Bethesda has gone so far as posting “no CrackBerry zone” signs outside their conference rooms.

“So many people would come to the meeting and have their BlackBerry turned on and constantly fiddle with it while they’re talking or you’re talking,” said Finkelstein, the company’s president and chief executive officer. “It’s hard to stay focused, and it’s clearly rude. More than once, people have gotten annoyed.”

While it’s certainly depressing to hear about the inevitable backlash against our beloved device, it’s even worse to hear that it’s being facilitated by members of the BlackBerry faithful failing to respect their co-workers. Remember: there’s no “i” in “BlackBerry” boys and girls.

Make sure to check out page 2 of the article for some 21st Century etiquette advice.