Official Pearl Announcement Sept 6th?

BlackBerry 8100 is reporting a hot little tidbit of news that should get the rumor mill going about the BlackBerry Pearl. Apparently, RIM sent out a note yesterday morning inviting journalists to an “exclusive BlackBerry press event” in London on September 6th emceed by a number of top RIM executives. The event will supposedly feature “an exciting development with BlackBerry.”

So, this is pretty obviously the official unveiling of the BlackBerry Stealth/8100/Pearl that we’ve all been waiting for. September 6th is also fairly close to the release date of the Pearl, which makes all the data we’ve collected so far fit into a nice, neat package.

If there are any BlackBerry Cool readers that can get to this event (yep, we weren’t invited) and snap pics and write impressions, we would be much obliged to hear from you.

1 Response to “Official Pearl Announcement Sept 6th?”

  1. 1 Brian McGuire

    This could also be the Verizon Blackberry 8703 announcement as well.

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