9/10 BlackBerry Users Agree…


This is going too far…A new study comissioned by T-Mobile is helping to confirm common perceptions about BlackBerry users.

Conducted by YouGov, the study found that 90% of BlackBerry users consider their handset vital in maintaining good business relations. One in ten admitted that they would be ‘devastated’ if their BlackBerry was taken away, while more than a third would be ‘stressed’ if they were out of the office without their device and 18% would not be able to cope with their current workload.

“We live in a world where business is done anywhere and at anytime, and the ability to check emails on the move is keeping BlackBerry users one step ahead of the game,” said Derek Williamson, head of business marketing at T-Mobile UK.

So it really is true: once you go CrackBerry, you don’t go back. Go here for the rest of the statistics.