CrackBerry addicts defend their addiction


This is going too far…In the wake of reports that CrackBerry addicts will soon be able to sue due a high dependency on the device, analysts at Korn/Ferry are giving us more data on how far the disease has spread. Apparently, the firm found that 4/5 executives are connected to BlackBerrys or BlackBerry-esque devices.

However, while more than one-third of the 2,300 executives surveyed in 75 countries believed they spent too much time connected to communications devices, 77 percent of respondents said they believe mobile communication devices primarily enhance their work/life balance rather than impede it.

Jim Craig, a spokesman for strategic communications firm Sitrick and Co. in New York, said his handheld BlackBerry has made a significant difference — and was mostly positive.

“It has helped me manage things without being the office all the time. I travel a lot, to South America, and I can use it there, in the street, or in New York,” said Craig. “It has also made me much more efficient.

Ya see, that’s the problem with addicts: they like being addicted.

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