New RIM Patent: BlackBerry alerts for outbound calling


BlackBerry Patent Image

The first of two new patents we’ll have up today, U.S. Patent Application #20060189301 describes a system of alerts designed to notify the user that they need to complete additional actions before their call can go through. As you can see from the image above, such additional actions could be having to turn on the BlackBerry’s wireless radio or selecting from two potential numbers of the intended recipient. These alerts can be either audio alerts or vibrational alerts. Check out the PDF and the abstract after the jump.


A method of facilitating the initiation of an outgoing phone call on a handheld electronic device including receiving a request to initiate the outgoing phone call and determining whether additional user action is required in order to initiate the outgoing phone call. If it is determined that additional user action is required, the method further includes: (i) displaying a prompt on the handheld electronic device that indicates that the additional user action must be taken in order to initiate the outgoing phone call, and (ii) providing an alert, such as an audible signal, that is separate from the prompt. Also, a handheld electronic device including a display, a processor, and a memory in electronic communication with the processor. The memory stores one or more routines executable by the processor for implementing the described method.

Go here to get the PDF.