RIM knows who Boy Genius is

BlackBerry Pearl

Yep you heard us right. We have the straight word coming from an inside source (call him Mr. Snap) that RIM knows who is leaking all their high-tech secrets. And they’re ok with it — for now. Step inside and we’ll tell you all about it.

Now, before we go any further we should let you know that it hasn’t been RIM’s plan all along to leak information on their new consumer devices through ‘moles’ like Boy Genius, Roc a Fella, et al. Mr. Snap tells us that he’s sure of this because of the high secrecy surrounding the Pearl’s scroll ball (as opposed to scroll wheel). Up until late July, RIM had not told even their closest partners about the scroll wheel/scroll ball switcheroo, and was still hiding its existence in development software and emulators even after Boy Genius made the leak. Also, Mr. Snap told us that RIM had been planning for some time a big announcement of their new device in September, either at CTIA or that September 6th event we really know nothing about. Intentionally leaking news of the Pearl would have only stolen their own thunder.

However, we can tell you that once RIM got word of the leak, they quickly found out where it was coming from (which honestly shouldn’t have been that hard to figure out for them, seeing as at the time there were very few Pearls out in the wild). Mr. Snap tells us that at least two people from RIM have confirmed that they know who Boy Genius is. This, apparently, was the point where RIM got smart.

Someone in the company supposedly made the argument that they should not smite Boy Genius and the other leakers with a vengeful fury, and instead see how it played out. If this doesn’t sound like a big deal, it is. RIM has been known for firing employees on the spot for taking beta devices with them while going out to Starbucks for a coffee, and have even gone so far as tracking leaked screen shots to the desk that they were taken from and computer they were uploaded to (some James Bond type stuff, I know, but apparently they were able to compare the desk’s wood grain or something…). So the fact that Boy Genius is still doing his thing and even has access to the stuff he’s showing us is testament to the fact that RIM has changed its policy.

8 Responses to “RIM knows who Boy Genius is”

  1. 1 Albert

    I thought many of the same points in this article. There’s really no way that if RIM wanted to clamp down on BG that they wouldn’t. Instead they’ve used it as a way to completely infiltrate geekdom and the prosumer

  2. 2 George

    The only issue is that this could set a precedent to RIM employees that leaking information is cool and could possibly get you famous like Boy Genius. If I was RIM I would leak that Boy Genius was fired, but really keep him on and control the leaks because he has some pretty good contacts with the big blogging sites.

  3. 3 Robb (RIMarkable)

    If RIM really does know who the the Boy Genius is, and they are controlling what he actually leaks, they shouldln’t tell the whole world that they are actually the puppet master pulling the strings.

    Once the word gets out that Boy Genius leaks are actually all part of of the master marketing plan, he looses a bit (not a lot, but a bit) of credibility.

  4. 4 jibi@bbf

    First off, Boy Genius doesn’t work for RIM, nor is he even remotely affiliated with them. He has connections into pretty much ever facet of the mobile industry (as well as other industries) that would make most people VERY envious (trust me, I keep trying to get him to send me his Vertu). Also, as far as fame is concerned, BG doesn’t need any - and trust me, if you think that having his name plastered all over the mobile geek industry is ‘fame’ then you should rewrite your definition for the word and its association to BG.

    As far as who Boy Genius really is… let’s just say that he’s something like Batman crossed with the lovechild of Angelina Jolie and Shaggy from Scooby Doo (either the cartoon or Matthew Lillard, as both are equally cool).

    It is very smart for RIM to not attack perhaps one of the most resourceful ‘viral marketing’ non-strategies they may have. And sure, this could be somewhat harmful to their current lines (of which it seems the 7130 was a bust and should have been released almost simultaneous with the 8700), although I personally feel that it’