American Workers Have More BlackBerrys


Business dudeThe AEI has just released data of their most recent research study on the American worker in 2006. While they’ve compiled a whole bundle of interesting facts, there’s really only one that should interest the keen BlackBerry Cool reader. According to AEI’s survey, 12% of American workers now have a Palm Pilot, Blackberry, or similar product, in comparison to the 5% that did in 2000.

This means that converged mobile smartphone devices have come a long way in 6 years. They went from “Hey, isn’t that one of those things that my CEO and IT Admin are carrying around?” to “oh yeah, my buddy has one of those. I’d get one, but the data plan would kill me and I’m afraid of this ‘BlackBerry Thumb’ thing people keep talking about.” Not bad progress for 6 years. Although, we’re hoping that in 2012 people will be saying “Scotty, beam me the hell up! I have that lunch meeting with Johnson and Davis, like, 5 minutes ago.”