Bacon on BlackBerry: BMWs, Syncing and the ole’ 850

Bacon on BlackBerry

The BlackBerry Cool office is filled with a bunch of tech junkies who know everything there is to know about BlackBerrys. However, we’re so busy pounding the pavement and bringing you the latest in BlackBerry news that we don’t have that much time to answer all the questions you send us. So we asked Magmic’s resident BlackBerry Genius Jeff Bacon to help us with your problems. Enjoy!

Q: Recently acquired a 7210, but I am unable to create Group contacts in my address book. I can create a group name but when I select a contact to add to the group I do not have a “Continue” option in my menu list when I highlight the contact. Help!

A: On the BlackBerry, a contact cannot be added as a member of a group within the address book if the contact does not have an email address. If you attempt to do so, the handheld will not let you save your changes. This is by design. Check to see whether the contact you’re trying to add has an email address associated with it.

Q: BMW and BlackBerrys…

A: There have been a number of questions about compatibility of BlackBerrys with BMW cars and their Bluetooth phone support. In short, compatibility is spotty at best. Here are all the specifics I could dig up.

Verizon 7130e: The Blackberry 7130e is compatible with BMW’s produced 3/05 and later, after updating your Blackberry 7130e with software version This software can be downloaded from

8700c: Only entries in the Address Book will be accessible from your BMW. SIM Phone Book entries should be copied to the Address Book in order to be accessed from your BMW. The Cingular BlackBerry 8700c requires software SW V4.1.0.194 to operate with the BMW hands-free system. See your authorized Cingular dealer for details.

T-Mobile 7100t: unsupported

Blackberry 7100/7130: requires manual phone book transfer of SIM and phone memory (requires manual transmission of phone book entries).

Good Bluetooth on BMW reference:

Q: How do you reorder the icons on the blackberry? I have noticed that when I switch from Cingular’s stock theme to another downloaded one that the 3rd party apps are all on the main screen versus in a folder.

A: To re-order the icons, highlight to icon you want to move, hold down the ALT key (bottom left corner of the BlackBerry keyboard) and click the wheel. A menu will pop up with a ‘Move Application’ item on it. Select this option and then you can roll the wheel to move the icon around in the list. When the icon is where you want it, click the wheel and it will be set in place.

Cingular, T-Mobile, Rogers and other themes have a folder in which all third-party application icons are installed; other themes (e.g. Vodafone) put all the icons on the main screen. There’s no way to move icons from the applications folder to the main screen or move from the main screen to the applications folder.

Q: Is it possible to activate the BlackBerry 850 any longer?

A: As far as I know it’s not, however you should contact your carrier directly as they may be able to help you and it may depend on which carrier you want to activate with. Call a few in your area and ask.

(Editor’s Note: I know a few bike couriers who still use 850’s on Roger’s network)

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  1. 1 Kevin G

    I have a new Z4 and my 8700g (T-Mobile) works fine. Scanning through the phone book is naturally easier on the BB device itself (as opposed to via the steering wheel or stereo), but answering/making calls is virtually flawless as appears to be the sound quality. The only annoyance is the disruption of good music whilst the phone rings. <img src='