More Pearl info

What better way to start your week than a fresh dose of BlackBerry 8100 info and rumors. Of course, when it comes to BlackBerry rumors, we only print the creme de la creme, which is why both of these are coming by way of Boy Genius.

Adding fuel to the fire that Rogers (and likely Cingular as well) will be seeing a trackballed replacement for the 8700, Boy Genius tell us that “i dont know about 8700 with cam but can gurantee a full QWERTY berry with cam,” leading us to believe that the device won’t be just an 8707 with a camera, but a fully Pearl styled device (in the interests of pure speculation, let’s call it the 9100).

Boy Genius also sheds some light on the Pearl’s GPS features. It turns out that the Pearl will not feature built-in GPS support, but will instead include support for external Bluetooth GPS devices. This sounds a little lame until you realize that most consumers don’t care about GPS, and including it in the Pearl would have dramatically shortened battery life and reduced form factor sexiness.

As always, BlackBerry Cool will continue to keep you up to date on all the latest Pearl info. As soon as Boy Genius tells us what that info is.

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