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Q gets (much needed) update


verizon QAwhile back we let you know that Motorola’s AKU2 update had kind of stalled. All you Q fans out there can now rest you troubled heads, because the update has now been unleashed upon the masses (at least the US masses, still no dice for Canadian Q users). AKU2 will add Exchange-based push email, global address book lookup and much needed security/OS functionality updates, as well as the ability to tether your Q as a modem via Bluetooth or USB.

US Q users need only click here to receive the goodness.

Verizon 8703e coming Friday, documentation leaked


BlackBerry 8703e

Engadget Mobile
has posted what appears to be Verizon Wireless’ latest device roadmap. If we take the image at face value (and ignore the 2005 ‘typo’), that means we can reasonably expect the BlackBerry 8703e to launch September 1st, which is this Friday. Sounds pretty good, considering we were expecting an announcement on Monday. While you wait, check out these PDFs we scored off of BlackBerry Forums, which seem to be Verizon’s product literature for the device.

Thanks to Gary for the tip.

RIM knows who Boy Genius is


BlackBerry Pearl

Yep you heard us right. We have the straight word coming from an inside source (call him Mr. Snap) that RIM knows who is leaking all their high-tech secrets. And they’re ok with it — for now. Step inside and we’ll tell you all about it.

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More Excalibur/XDA Cosmo shots


XDA Cosmo

Coming via the::unwired, we’ve got some new screenshots of HTC’s rebranded Excalibur, the XDA Cosmo. Nothing too special (unless you like getting up close and personal with an ugly smartphone), but there’s one item of note. Check the image above and you’ll see a QWERTZ keyboard. Those crazy Germans, what will they think of next?

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BlackBerry users get social



We actually got an email about this a few days ago, but with all the hullabaloo surrounding new RIM devices, it almost slipped through the cracks. But we’re here now to tell you about BlackBerry’s first social networking service, pinppl (probably pronounced “PIN People” but we’ve taken to calling it “Pineapple”). Think of it as a MySpace Mini for BlackBerrys: you can upload pictures (using their website), write and tag your profile, and add other users as “friends.” Best of all, you only need your BlackBerry PIN and a password to start.

So go here and check it out. We’re going to look over the service and maybe do a review (as soon as we take care of all those other reviews we’ve promised — sorry guys), but that doesn’t mean you should wait to enjoy pinppl’s lovely betaness.

Cingular gets BlackBerry Connect


BlackBerry ConnectLooking almost like a direct response to the complaints of one of our fellow BlackBerry bloggers, Cingular and RIM jointly announced today BlackBerry Connect support for the Treo 650 (in North America, no less). BlackBerry Connect will provide those still trodding on with the junky Treo 650 with “push” based email, BIS and limited BES support, such as email reconciliation and calendar synchronization.

Full details on what BlackBerry Connect offers after the jump.

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