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Boy Genius talks Gamma-Ray: Not the 8200, no camera?


BlackBerry Pearl

So, I guess Boy Genius is not wanting for new information to drop in our laps on the daily. Here’s his latest tidbits of accurate rumordom:

There’s a new BlackBerry on the prowl and it’s called the 8705. What’s its story? Well, it looks to be a standard 8700 with HAC (hearing aid compatibility) and some minor GSM/device modifications. Perhaps it utilizes some of those patents we’ve been telling you about.

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ThoughtPiece: Marketing the Pearl


BlackBerry Pearl

Everything we’ve learned so far about the upcoming new Blackberry 8100/Pearl model suggests that it will be an amazing device and one that could be a breakthrough product. But a great product deserves a great marketing campaign.

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New BlackBerry reseller web store


Think BlackBerry

GlobalWare Solutions announced today the launch of a new BlackBerry reseller web store,, yesterday. GlobalWare actually assisted RIM with their official retail web store, so it sounds like they know what they’re doing. Apparently, is also the only other site to offer RIM’s complete line of accessories, as well as a bevy of third-party products.

So go check them out, and tell them that BlackBerry Cool sent you. It won’t get you a discount or anything, it’d just be nice if they knew.

Brits like BlackBerry holidays


Summertime baby, yeah!

A new study from consultancy firm Aziz shows that over two-thirds (68%) of senior British executives bring wireless email devices with them while on holiday. Not suprisingly, among the BlackBerry users within the survey, the exact same percentage check their email once a day. However, just under three-quarters of the BlackBerry users said that they only respond to urgent messages.

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People will sell anything


eBay Pearl

That’s right, it seems like citizens of the Internet nation are willing to sell (and buy) anything as long as it’s done through eBay. Consider eBay seller tarquin, who has taken it upon himself to bring a dummy BlackBerry 8100/Pearl to market. Dummy, you ask? That means it’s a non-functioning display phone. You can get it all for the low, low starting price of 25 USD (which actually isn’t that bad for playing a gag on your co-workers or pretending you’re Boy Genius).

What can we say, folks? At least it’s not another fool trying to sell an advance-model Pearl the day after they were leaked. Thanks to Wendelz for the tip!

Treo 700wx to retail for $650, launch Sept. 3rd


Treo 700wx

Boy-next-door tech site Gizmodo has just posted a “leaked” Sprint brochure which gives you quiet Treo fans sitting in the back (we know you’re out there) some hard details on the Treo 700wx launch. Apparently, the official drop date for the upgraded Treo is Sept. 3rd, and will retail for 650 USD straight up and 500 USD with a two-year contract.

With all these new devices coming out in September, fall once again has that exciting “back to school” vibe of yore. Although, we don’t think our parents are still up for buying us new mobiles like they were for rulers and glue.