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Qualcomm announces single-chip solution


It\'s alive!Qualcomm, one of the world’s leading mobile hardware manufacturers (and whose chips can be found in the BlackBerry 8707 — as you’ve reminded us), has just announced a new chip for CDMA devices that will double talk-time and network capacity.

A single-chip solution for CDMA2000 handsets, the QSC1100 integrates a baseband modem, RF transceiver, power management and system memory into a single chip, reducing the number of discrete components required and therefore delivering board-area savings of more than 50 percent. We should start seeing the chip in devices by the second half of 2007.

Sprint’s value lowered


SprintAnalysts over at Merrill Lynch have lowered Sprint Nextel shares from Buy to Neutral, citing customer complaints about call quality and high churn rates as the main reasons. During a 50 store check in 3 markets, Merrill Lynch found customer perception of Nextel voice quality has continued to drop despite Sprint’s rebranding attempts. Analysts also found that some store employees were initially unclear on the specifics of the new plans, in particular the inclusion of mobile-to-mobile calling between the CDMA and iDEN customers for CDMA customers.

RIM could learn from Apple


Research in MotionThere’s an interesting article up on about Apple, RIM and — what else? — patent disputes. Senior writer Troy Wolverton took a look at Apple’s recent $100 million settlement with Creative Technologies and thinks that our favorite Waterloo company has a lot to learn from the house that Jobs built. And he’s right.

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HTC Excalibur coming to 02


XDA Cosmo

the::unwired has picked up a hot tip from a German telecomm magazine that the HTC Excalibur will soon be coming to Germany through 02 as the XDA Cosmo. No word yet on pricing, but we do know that ze Germans will be getting it some time in September or October, with North American carriers picking it up a few months later.

Quick question: how did they go about making the Cosmo even uglier than the Excalibur? Full tech specs and some German after the jump.

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More Treo (750w?) Shots


Treo 750

Engadget Mobile, by way of, has posted a collage of shots for Palm’s new Treo. They’ve taken to calling it the Treo 750w without pointing to a confirming source, but we’ll just assume for the moment they know something we don’t.

Anywho, Palm’s new devices sure are starting to look aesthetically pleasing. And by aesthetically pleasing we mean “more and more like BlackBerrys with each passing day.” Zing.

BlackBerry Pearl launch details, pics


BlackBerry Pearl

It’s becoming so common that it’s not even exciting any more, but Boy Genius has struck again, this time with revised T-Mobile launch details of the BlackBerry Pearl. Looks like the previously reported date of September 18th was a little off the mark, with September 12th being the new zero hour for the BlackBerry 8100. What’s interesting, however, is the video that indicates T-Mobile will ship the devices out to stores this week, but keep their employees under strict NDA. Oh well. Boy Genius, pull a Robin Hood and get some Pearls to the (high-tech) poor.

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