The 8100 is the BlackBerry Pearl!!!! Coming September 18th

BlackBerry 8100

Wow, and you thought news would be slow after the leak of the 8100… Or should we say Pearl. Yep, it looks like RIM is going full consumer mode, building a brand based upon a cool name rather than design specification. Engadget has blown the doors right off the BlackBerry Pearl, posting (nearly) full details and embargoed press release. Here’s what we know:

- The BlackBerry Pearl is coming to T-Mobile September 18th (pretty much when we told you)
- The Pearl features a 65k color 240 x 260 display, microSD slot, 64MB internal flash, GPS, EDGE data
- The Pearl will retail for $199 USD at launch
- BlackBerry Cool wants one (badly)

See the full press release after the jump.

BlackBerry Pearl from T-Mobile USA – The Best Way to Ring in the Holiday Season

This holiday season, treat that special someone to the BlackBerry® Pearlâ„¢ – a cool new BlackBerry that’s as perfect for a night on the town as it is for a day in the office.
The BlackBerry Pearl is a very cool, incredibly small, easy-to-use smartphone. It comes complete with digital camera, multimedia capabilities and expandable memory. And it, of course, offers the full BlackBerry experience – including email, phone, web browser, text messaging, organizer applications and much more. This year, give your loved one the gift of freedom – with the BlackBerry Pearl they can do all the things they “have to do” and more of the things they “want to do.”

Why is the BlackBerry Pearl the ultimate gift for the holidays?
· It’s one sweet phone. It delivers premium phone features including Voice Activated Dialing (VAD), polyphonic, mp3 and MIDI ring tones, speakerphone, smart dialing, conference calling, speed dial, call forwarding and Bluetooth® support for hands-free use with headsets and car kits.
· It delivers the popular and proven BlackBerry experience users have come to know and love.
· It is incredibly sleek and exceptionally powerful – small enough to take anywhere and powerful enough to handle all of your communication and information needs. It’s the ultimate combination of brains and beauty.
· It is incredibly easy-to-navigate with a new and intuitive trackball navigation system.
· It is the first BlackBerry to offer a camera with built-in flash and zoom – share pictures with your friends and family right away via email or MMS.
· It features a large, ultra-bright next generation 240×260 color display that brings more than 65,000 colors to life. Its built-in light sensing technology automatically adjusts screen and keyboard lighting for indoor, outdoor and dark environments to browse the web, view attachments, pictures and video files.
· It features a convenient media player – enjoy all the power of BlackBerry and listen to your favorite songs while browsing the web or reading an email.
· It supports a MicroSD card allowing for lots of storage space for pictures, audio and video files, along with 64 MB of internal memory.
· It is optimized for performance and operates on T-Mobile’s high-speed EDGE network. It delivers an exceptionally fast performance experience for web browsing and other applications.
· It features RIM’s popular SureTypeâ„¢ keyboard technology that makes typing amazingly quick and easy on such a small handset.

* It’s easy to stay on top of important personal and work communications with the ability to access up to ten personal or work email accounts including Yahoo! and Microsoft® Exchange.

The BlackBerry Pearl from T-Mobile USA will be available at T-Mobile retail stores, select authorized dealers, online at , or by calling 1-800-T-MOBILE for $199.

9 Responses to “The 8100 is the BlackBerry Pearl!!!! Coming September 18th”

  1. 1 optimus

    I fell in love with the scroll wheel on the Sony cm-1300, Clearnet’s first CDMA handset. I still love it. What possible reason is there to ditch it?

  2. 2 thought

    I love the name…it’s a stroke of marketing genius. Classy, easy to remember…

    Plus, the name reminds me of the “Black Pearl” in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies!…you can tell I live close to Disney World :)

  3. 3 thought

    I must also say that the price point is right.

    RIM couldn’t release this device with a Treo-like pricepoint; it would have narrowed the market too much.

    Now they can compete on price against devices like the Q, and indeed, at this pricepoint, the cost is competitive with many high end conventional phones.

    An interesting question: currently the BB 8700 retails for 299 w/contract on both T-mo and Cingular…will this force a price drop in that model?

  4. 4 thajimc

    all i know is theres a full on high school cheerleader car wash DIRECTLY infront of my office right now.

  5. 5 Keith

    I have to question that keyboard though…

  6. 6 Elsie Gilmore

    Just bought the Pearl. Wish they’d stuck with the overall dimensions of my 7100 - the keyboard shrunk a bit too much. Other than that, the thing is perfect. I bought a Motorola Q last week and returned it because that keyboard sucked even more. The camera works great on here - internet is fast - going to buy a microSD card this afternoon so I can put some music on it. It sure is nice to hear Love Song by The Cure as my rington now, instead of the polyphonic version of Axel F.

  7. 7 admin

    I had that thought with the keyboard, too. Interesting choice for your ringtone. I’d actually like to know what users are putting as their first ringtone - it’s a huge honour. “Love Song” is an excellent choice, but I think the main riff in “Six Different Ways” would make an excellent tone.

    What is this, a music blog?

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