Verizon 8703e coming Friday, documentation leaked

Engadget Mobile has posted what appears to be Verizon Wireless’ latest device roadmap. If we take the image at face value (and ignore the 2005 ‘typo’), that means we can reasonably expect the BlackBerry 8703e to launch September 1st, which is this Friday. Sounds pretty good, considering we were expecting an announcement on Monday. While you wait, check out these PDFs we scored off of BlackBerry Forums, which seem to be Verizon’s product literature for the device.

Thanks to Gary for the tip.

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  1. 1 jim1966

    Guess not 9/1/06. No mention of the 8703E anywhere on VZW’s site or at stores. Anyone have any new information?

  2. 2 Cessnaguy

    Saturday, Sept 2 was the 15th day to trade my BB 7103c @ Verizon for an 8703e. At the official Verizon store, the manager said that the 8703e was on their computer system and “coming soon”. She also agreed to extend the 15 day exchange period until 8703e was in stock. The staff seemed to have some awarness of the new unit, but weren’t really clued in. I was pleasantly surprised about VZ’s attitude to extend the swap period. I was prepared to return the 7103c and buy a throwaway Trac Phone at Wal-Mart to carry me over for a few weeks. I can’t send email very well on the existing unit and it won’t effectively open attachments. The tethered modem feature works very well. Cessnaguy.

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