Windows Mobile is not secure

While running around the internet the past couple of days, doing our daily blogging thang, it’s been hard not to notice the number of reports from major news media about the dreaded “BlackBerry virus” and how vulnerable RIM’s OS is. This is annoying for two reasons: we already told you about this more than a week ago, and we told you that RIM already had a solution to the problem built into OS 4.1.

That’s why when BlackBerry Cool reader Michael tipped us off to this article on the wide variety of security issues faced by devices that use Windows Mobile as their OS, we couldn’t resist posting about it. Now, we’re not the most technically minded bloggers around, but this quote is pretty crystal clear:

Before we examine the details of the flaws, it is important to understand the nature of the operating system. The reason for this is because it is our belief that Windows Mobile platform creates an environment conducive to poorly designed security software.

The point is this – average Windows Mobile users are relatively blind about what their device is doing. As this paper will illustrate, there are numerous Windows Mobile vendors that store sensitive information in the registry with flawed encryption schemes, or even in plaintext! If the end user knew anyone could see this data, what would they say?

Doesn’t RIM’s OS look a lot better right now?

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    Not surprisingly, Windows Mobile suffers from the same basic flaws that Windows for the desktop does: problems of security, usability, stability. These are precisely the areas of strength for the Blackberry.

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