4G to bring the world together


Around the World

When a new mobile device is announced, those in the know often look to one factor to determine whether the device is a stud or a dud: what frequency bands it supports. You see, different areas of the world use different network frequency bands to provide the same type of service, meaning that if your mobile doesn’t support those frequencies, you’re SOL when traveling.

However, world telecomm leaders are looking to fix all this with 4G (which sounds a little funny, seeing as most of the world hasn’t experienced 3G yet, but I guess it’s good to get these things sorted out early). Representatives from the major mobile players are sitting in on a forum sponsored by Samsung Electronics on South Korea’s Jeju island to discuss ways to ensure that future 4G devices work anywhere. While we won’t see the first fruits of this effort for at least a couple of years, it’s good to know that in the future BlackBerry road warriors (or even those traveling on vacation) won’t have to worry about what kind of heat their mobile is packing.