More BlackBerry Patents


RIM\'s e-commerce patent

While we’ve been stuck in the great limbo that is moving, BBHub picked up on a couple new BlackBerry patents worth your perusal. Let’s check them out.

USPTO Patent Application #20060192724 refers to a “Mobile wireless communications device with human interface diversity antenna and related methods.” What the hell does that mean? Well, BBHub thinks it refers to a touch-screen interface for users to choose between Wi-Fi and cellular antennas in a dual-mode BlackBerry. But don’t take his word for it, check it out for yourself.

USPTO Patent Application #20060194592 describes a process of better-than-GPS location varification for e-commerce that would use the “enhanced 911″ location awareness system now mandated by the FCC to be in all new mobile devices.

What cool things can come from this? Well, let’s say down the line you’re rocking the Pearl or one of its successors and you want to OTA download some new songs off of iTunes (not feasible yet, we know, but bear with us). The iTunes music store offers different songs based upon what country you’re from, so ideally, if you we’re traveling in the UK with your mobile, you’d have access to different songs than you would back home. A little ways off, but cool none the less.

Go here for BBHub’s take.