1 hour with the Pearl is 7 minutes in heaven…


BlackBerry Pearl

At least, that’s what Nick Starr emailed us to say earlier this morning. Seems that he had a chance to pay with the device and wrote about his experience on his blog.

Nick seems to agree with our editorial that the Pearl’s new scroll ball is easy to use, but didn’t like the lack of a good AIM client (although he did say that Gtalk and Yahoo “work like a champ” on the Pearl). However, Nick definitely loved that the Pearl is thinner than a closed RAZR, saying that you no longer get “BlackBerry Bulge” when you put it in your pocket. Final analysis?

If you aren’t sure about a Blackberry, this phone is perfect…because it can be used simply as a regular phone, that just happens to have a great keyboard system and instant email. Run don’t walk on September 12th to get yours.