BlackBerrys… on a plane! (Part 2: BlackBerry’s Revenge)

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Snakes on a Plane!

Just days after Irish airline Ryanair announced that passengers would be able to use their BlackBerrys and other mobiles on flights starting in 2007, competitor Monarch fires back with data that suggests that maybe it isn’t such a good idea. Monarch has released the results of a survey conducted last year which says that 67% of passengers claim that using a mobile phone during a flight and having to listen to other people’s annoying ringtones would be one of the most annoying inflight experiences for them. Interestingly, although the use of mobile phones is not currently permitted on flights, passengers already believe it to be more irritating than having to sit next to a smelly passenger (53%).

Question of the day, folks: is being able to use your BlackBerry on a plane worth others being able to use their BlackBerry on a plane?

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