No Verizon 8703e for another month?

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We know, we know, we almost sorta promised you that the BlackBerry 8703e would be showing up in Verizon stores on September 1st. That didn’t happen, but we do have new word by way of BBHub as to when it might actually come out. It’s not good news, folks.

Here’s what a BBHub reader (who is also a Verizon Wireless employee) had to say:

“I work for Verizon Wireless and the BlackBerry (8703e) will be out online first (in mid)-(September and in stores a week or two later.”

So it looks like a maximum one month wait for CDMA BlackBerry fans. Apparent price for the 8703e? $350 USD with a new two-year agreement and $499 straight up.

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