Internet Responds to Pearl


BlackBerry Pearl Banner

The official Pearl release has the tech world salivating. Check out what some other folks are churning out regarding the BlackBerry 8100.

“If you’re addicted to BlackBerry you’ve gotta try the Pearl. If you want a state-of-the-art smartphone, run to T-Mobile. And even if all you want is a wireless e-mail device, the Pearl was invented just for you. Highly recommended..”

Associated Press

Say what you will about the new BlackBerry Pearl, and some undoubtedly will complain of cramped keyboards and other tradeoffs. Its creator, Research In Motion Ltd., has taken a truly gutsy stab at designing a tiny mobile device that can do it all. It’s so very imperfect, as all small devices are, and yet I’d more happily keep using this BlackBerry than its larger siblings or the vast majority of new devices hitting the market every week.

Mobile Whack

“The all new Pearl 8100 is just about a perfect smart phone and makes all other blackberry phones look like a spent force. With those stunning glossy black finish, a giant screen and the new next generation pearl-like trackball, it will surely turn heads.”

“…[BlackBerry Co-CEO James] Balsillie declined to give sales targets for it… Research In Motion plans an “aggressive”‘ marketing campaign for the Pearl and will also invest in helping retailers sell the product in stores. The Pearl will debut in other countries in coming weeks, according to Balsillie.”

USA Today

“Pearl is the best looking BlackBerry by a long shot, though that’s not saying much. “Stylish” is not a word I’d associate with BlackBerrys, which is what makes this new BlackBerry so stunning… It’s refreshingly small, thin and light (just over 3 ounces), with a handsome black and silver finish. BlackBerry users I showed it to were blown away.

Ordinary consumers might bite, too. It looks like a phone, rather than a gizmo geared to messaging and e-mail. As with the BlackBerry 7100 series, RIM manages to cram a full “qwerty” keyboard on just 20 keys, compared with more than 30 keys for other models. And the display senses its environment to adjust lighting.”

ABC News

“The BlackBerry Pearl is a delight. It combines truly excellent push e-mail, a gorgeous screen, a relatively high-quality camera, and the beginnings of some great media functionality in a very pretty package. As long as you can cope with the little hybrid keyboard, it’s a much classier and more powerful alternative to the Sidekick and other BlackBerry models.”