2.5 billion mobile phones in use


Thumbs UpAccording to estimates from Wireless Intelligence, the total number of cellular connections in the world reached 2.5 billion yesterday, having passed through the 2 billion mark just 12 months ago. The broad scope of what this data means cannot be understood unless it is taken in context with where the wireless industry was just a few short years ago.

“The cellular industry took 20 years to reach 1 billion connections, three years to reach 2 billion connections and is on target to reach its third billion in a period of just over two years,” says Martin Garner, Director of Wireless Intelligence.

And it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any. Wireless Intelligence is also reporting that worldwide metrics are showing 40 million new connections per month – the highest volume of growth the market has ever seen. It looks like we’re in a growth industry, folks — and BlackBerry Cool will continue to provide you with the best coverage around. Except on weekends.