More Internet Love for the Pearl


BlackBerry Pearl Banner

Ok, you want one — we know that. We want one too — you know that. But it’s still interesting to see how the mainstream media is responding to the launch of the BlackBerry Pearl. We showed you yesterday that the response has been pretty positive so far; today we point you to a Dow Jones article written by a Treo user that has finally crossed over to the other side. Here’s what the author had to say:

Each time I whip out the phone to show it off to friends, they sport a look of incredulity as if something so elegant couldn’t possibly provide enough utility. “Wow. Now, that’s sexy,” is the typical reaction, followed by: “But how functional is it?” My typical response: “Very functional.”

The Pearl navigation is so simple and easy to use that I’m reminded that the simplest of solutions are often the most appealing, despite the many attempts to make them overly complex. The Pearl navigation beats Treo’s navigation, hands down, and even RIM’s current track-wheel navigation…

As for the camera, it was a smart move by RIM… The camera is a feature that always made the Treo far more appealing than the BlackBerry to me. I’ve tested at least three BlackBerrys in the past, and while useful, the device lacked the consumer features that would convince me to switch to. Until now, that is.

All of this is music to our ears, and must sound like the drums of war knocking on Palm’s doorstep. So, RIM completely revitalizes their brand with a well-designed offering. What’s the big change to the new Treo? Oh yeah, it won’t have an antenna. Zing.