Two new BlackBerry patents


Our pals at the US Patent Office have given us two more enthralling patents regarding the BlackBerry. We’re looking at patent applications 20060197495, a new charging unit, and 20060197735, a “system and method for adjusting a backlight for a display for an electronic device”. It’s no Pearl news, but hey, it, too, was once a little patent somewhere.

The Abstract for the backlight patent, pictured above, reads

“The invention provides a system for controlling a backlight level for a display in an electronic device is provided. The system comprises the display, a backlight system connected to the display, a controller controlling backlight levels generated by the backlight system, a light sensor, a keypad, an activation sensor, a microprocessor controlling aspects of the system and software operating on the microprocessor.”

The Abstract for the new charger patent is equally as spellbinding.

“A charger unit for an electronic device that includes a housing, a plurality of charging contacts provided on the housing, and a recess provided in the housing, preferably on a rear face thereof. A plug having a plurality of prongs may be selectively attached to and detached from the housing for electrically connecting the charger unit to a source of charging current.”

All seems very interesting. Read up on the charger and backlight situation when you’ve got some time.