Cingular Pearl listed on-site - updated

Another week of the Pearl? Well, if RIM brings up another trifecta, it might just go that way. No matter, things are still exciting. The release dates for the Pearl on various retailers are slowly popping up, like Cingular listing their 8100c model on their website for a vague “October” release date. The differences are slight, really, I mean - who needs the camera, right? Spec-heads read on, more info after the jump. (Update - BBHub reports the 8100c disappearing from Cingular’s site. Seems as though everyone’s jumping the gun with details these days)

Size: 107 mm x 50mm x 14.5 mm (LxWxD)
Weight: 88 grams
Navigation: Trackball, ESC key and Menu key
Voice Input/Output: Integrated earpiece and microphone, Integrated speakerphone, Hands-free headset, Bluetooth® v2.0; headset,hands-free and serial port profiles supported
Headset: Stereo headset capable
Display: 240 x 260 pixel (65,000 colors)
Camera: N/A
Battery Life: Up to 15 days standby time and 3.5 hrs talk time
Memory: 64 MB flash memory, MicroSD expandable memory slot
Network: Quad-Band — 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS/EDGE

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