BlackBerry TV gets a review

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Thanks to our pals at TrendHunter, we’ve got a great BlackBerry TV (bbTV) review to toss your way. For the less-informed, bbTV (yes, lower case), is the world’s first television broadcasting on a Blackberry. Overall, the service receives a favourable review (unlike our review of the bbTV logo). U.S. readers, just a heads up - the service is only available North of the border for now, and you know what that means - we can watch Newhart on our way home from the office before you can. So there.

“The episodes stream at 12-15 frames per second and the sound is very clear. Finally, it’s a deal at $5 per month, which is pretty much free relative to the cost of a good data plan. “

  • admin
    Thanks for the heads-up, John. Much appreciated.
  • John O'Day
    I loaded this onto my 8700c and it works fine. Nothing is stopping Americans from downloading clips with this software.
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