BlackBerry’s understand their place – literally


8707vThanks to a superb tip, we’re giving you some new patent information – but this one is actually interesting, we swear. News from shows that a context-aware BlackBerry could be on it’s way. Context aware? Does that mean what you think it does? You bet it does. Your BlackBerry will know where you are and how it should behave itself – you know, just like we did when we were kids. Digressions aside, the details are pretty exciting.

“The new BlackBerrys would occasionally and very briefly vibrate. This should be too short to be mistaken for a message alert but just long enough for an accelerometer inside the device to measure how much it moves. This tells the Blackberry whether it is on top of a flat table, in a person’s hand or stuffed inside a pocket.”

The abstract for the patent reads about the same:

“A method for determining whether a wireless device is being held comprising: activating a vibration motor in the wireless device to vibrate the wireless device for a predetermined period; receiving at least one acceleration measurement from an accelerometer in the wireless device during the predetermined period; and, comparing the at least one acceleration measurement to at least one stored acceleration measurement, the at least one stored acceleration measurement corresponding to a held wireless device. “