Fastap channels BlackBerry for new releases


We’re all about new and exciting things here at BlackBerryCool, but this one fell short of the mark. Found this little tidbit during general perusing the other day, thought we’d put it in your radar so you can dismiss it as quickly as we did. Fastap, the company that brings you a patented technology that provides an “innovative approach to keypad”, will release two new phones. The rest of the 5 W’s we’re not entirely sure about.

“One design borrows much of its interface from the SureType solution from Research in Motion, makers of the ubiquitous BlackBerry. The keys are laid out in a QWERTY fashion, but with two letters assigned to each button. “

Just because you imitate the best, doesn’t make you the best. Lackluster at best, and is it just me, or do these phones look like the calculators I used in elementary school eons ago?