PokerBlast now on BlackBerrys – thanks Magmic


We’ll try to avoid any card-related puns in this post, promise. Magmic’s played their cards right with this one (rats), but a little check-up to their site shows a new game release for your BlackBerry: PokerBlast. From what the site shows, the interface looks splendid, and if Magmic’s past releases are any indication, this game will play extremely well, too. Check out the full game description and screen shots from their site below.

Poker Blast
Everything you thought you knew about poker is exploding in this high-pressure puzzle game.

Test and hone your ability to quickly size up poker situations in this game of falling and sorting cards. Position the falling card pieces into rows or columns to make poker hands. After scoring some cash by making hands, the minimum winning hand will increase. You’ll need to make stronger and stronger hands to survive. Only a keen eye and quick reflexes will keep you from cracking under the pressure.

In “Beat the Dealer” mode, you need to beat the dealer’s hand with the fewest number of cards. The tougher the dealer’s hand is, and the less cards you use to beat it, the bigger the payout. Too many cards and you may lose money, even though you’ve still beaten the dealer.”