BlackBerry to thwart thieves


blackberry police

How’s that for alliteration? RIM and the BlackBerry are now protecting you against pick-pockets, the Toronto Star reports. A new patent has RIM looking to release a device that, once removed from it’s holster, sends a wireless alert message to the user.

Unless a user authentication code is input in a predetermined length of time, the device’s data would be rendered unusable, according to the application, which was filed with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

Analyst James Faucette laments

“It’s the kind of feature you didn’t know you need until you see other people have it — and then you want it.”

Faucette said government workers or those who have sensitive data on their BlackBerrys would be likely customers for the new feature, although he said that niche group of buyers probably wouldn’t account for more than a hundred thousand customers in North America. “And even if it were 500,000, we’re still only talking about 10 per cent of the BlackBerrys they’re going to ship this year.”