Cingular employees have Pearl envy


Cingular logoHere’s a funny little story that was sent to us by loyal BlackBerry Cool reader Mike. Enjoy!

Thought y’all would enjoy this Pearl story.

My wife has been on me about our Cingular bill, and we were at the mall today where there is an AT&T (Cingular) store right beside a T-Mobile store. I went in the T-Mobile and checked out the Pearl, which I’ve been lusting after since reading the reviews here. Also checked out their rate plans.

I then went into the AT&T store to hassle them about my plan. The T-Mobile plan was cheaper for more minutes, but it was borderline whether it was worth the hassle to switch (save for the Pearl).

The clerk, trying to save the account pointed out that I was due for an upgrade to my BlackBerry, pointing out whatever Cingular’s newest/best model was.

I said, “Yeah, but I’m really jonesing for the Pearl.”

He sneered. “That’s fine,” he said, “if you want a girl’s phone.”

I went next door and switched to T-Mobile and got my Pearl, which I already love, along with a Motorola PEBL for my wife. I told the clerks about it and they said the dude from the Cingular store had spent HOURS in there playing with the Pearl.

Sounds like a bad case of Pearl envy, eh?

You hit the nail right on the head, Mike. Looks like that Cingular employee is going to have to wait a little while longer until he can get his “girl’s phone.”