Palm to get bought out?


Appears as though the Palm of the handheld world is getting all clammy. With recent news that Motorola has bought up symbol technologies, Yahoo Finance reports that the same fate could be handed to Palm. Jonathan Hoppes, an analyst at Think Equity, isn’t sure on who the buyer would be (leaning towards Motorola), but feels as though there’s definite value in picking up the company.

Hoopes says his belief that either Motorola or another company will pursue the company “is a major reason we did not encourage investors to sell shares despite management’s recent track record of mis-execution.”

A nice little sidenote from the article mentions that although Motorola’s been making/planning some purchases, Research In Motion still isn’t anywhere close to being unseated at the top of the handheld world. Ba-zing, Motorola. Save your coinage and spend it creating a new ringtone – anyone else tired of that “Hello Moto” jerk?