RIM sends the troops to Japan


Ok, not literally. But boy, does a headline like that ever get your attention on a Tuesday morning. Talked about it last week, you know, RIM releasing their first ever BlackBerry in Japan – the 8703h with NTT DotComo. Well, seems as though RIM jumped the gun slightly, not enabling support for Japanese fonts on the device. Engadget reports that some form of solution will make it to the land of the rising sun in early 2007.

From Engadget

“The best part? Existing BlackBerrys will be upgradeable, which bodes well for the 1,400-odd orders RIM’s received for their little bundles of email goodness since crossing the Pacific.”

“We’re working to have a solution for entering Japanese fonts in the first two quarters of next year,” RIM President and Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis told a press conference in Tokyo.

Check out the official story from Reuters here.