BlackBerry 8800 to raise RIM shares

Alright. So today’s the day RIM announces their results for Q2, and we’re going to try our darndest to get right in the middle of things and stir it up - or at least listen in. News from the Globe and Mail this morning reports that RIM’s stock and Q2 results will be quite impressive, especially with the continual leaks we’ve been seeing.

Seems as though most analysts are screaming “buy” at potential RIM stockholders these days. Interesting point regarding the 8800 was chucked into the article, as well, from Peter Misek, an analyst with Canaccord Capital Corp.

“We had originally thought that BB 8800 product leaks would not begin until October, With these pictures and information leaks, it is likely the 8800 is less than two months away.”

Our breath has been baited.

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