Pearl part of 81-day review experiment


Tired of the same old reviews? Check out the 81-day experiment. Put on by Pierre Khawand, founder of People-On-The-Go, the experiment utilizes the Motorla Q, Treo 700p, Treo 700w, and you got it, the Pearl, as Khawand adopts each device as his own for nine days and then gives it a review.

Looks as though Mr. Khawand’s put up a 6-minute Google Video reviewing our beloved (?) Pearl. Check it out here. Thanks to PR Web for this article.

“Reviewing the devices for a few hours is one thing, but actually using them as your own device for 9 days is a whole different story, and this is what makes the 81-day-experiment a useful resource for users” said Deborah Bonner, President of Golden Rule Training, a San Francisco training company providing BlackBerry and productivity training to Wells Fargo, Kaiser, and other large organizations.

“Mr. Khawand gives users a realistic view of the process of acquiring a new device and getting it fully functional” added Ms. Bonner. When having realistic expectations about the devices and the services they are likely to receive from the service providers, users are much more likely to succeed and be less frustrated during this process.”