RIM Q2 Earnings Conference Call


Just listening in to the webcast, and lost my connection – gives me time to update you on news brought in so far. Revenue for Q2 reached $659 million, up 8% from the previous quarter. Handhelds accounted for the brunt of the revenue (72%) with $475 mil. Improving on the 1.2 million devices shipped in Q1, RIM saw 1.4 million shipped in this quarter.

Interesting to see that their marketing spending has gone up 8%, and we should see that grow in the next quarter with the release of new devices and with upgrades coming to the BlackBerry 8703e, 8707, and the Pearl.

Outlook for Q3 is looking decent with a projected $780-820 million in revenue. And until we got disconnected, we can tell you that RIM plans to ship close to twice the amount of devices they ship from this past quarter.

Check back as we attempt to climb back into the Webcast.