Jim Balsillie’s Q2 coverage


After losing my connection to the webcast yesterday, my whole-hearted thanks go to Russ over at BBHub for his continuous coverage.

Appears as though Mr. Balsillie had quite a few things to give his take on yesterday, so without further delay, let’s see what he had to say.

– New product launches with disippation of much of competitive disinformation.
– T-Mobile net subscriber gains significantly higher since Pearl launch.
– T-Mobile Pearl on AOL Gold Rush reality show.
– Ad campaign starts next month. Print and Internet-based, “lifestyle” themed.
– Now more than 100,000 retail locations where BlackBerry devices are available.
– Sales incentive models for retail reps are helping.
– Additional IM services planned, AOL, ICQ and MSN.
– We beleive srong enterprise demand for 8703e in enterprise channel. GPS will help. Verizon will work with RIM in “media campaign.”
– We beleive as Pearl becomes more broadly deployed, more carriers will launch innovative pricing plans.
– Revved up promotions for BlackBerry enterprise users.
– Application extensions a sigificant boost for BlackBerry growth in the enterprise.
– Five new Windows Mobile and three more Symbian OS announcements this year.

– Thinks that as more carriers add Pearl, there will be more cell-only (as opposed to voice and data) plans offered by the carriers. The reason: increased sales would more than offset revenue from the data-only plans.
– Competitors: the principal part of competitive mis-information is there is new competition. Most of these companies have been bringing their best game to this space for more than a decade.
– A very substantial percentage of subscribers are biz… there’s clearly a market there. I since what carriers have discovered on consumer side, data is a system experience.. that make it very very critical to even have the market take off. I’ve started to realize the gateway to consumers is through the enterprise. In consumer it has to be darn near perfect or will crush the carriers due to care metrics.
– 75% of b-to-b devices are bought on B to C (business to consumer challenges).

Thanks again, Russ. Your flowers are in the mail.